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Eric Hofbauer/The Five Agents

book of water

A five-part suite for jazz sextet, recorded live before a studio audience, featuring a freewheeling, improvisatory aesthetic but also rigorous compositional detail.



period pieces

An improvising collective crafting compositions orbiting around the gravity of groove. An electro-acoustic communion creating catharsis through waves of space, waves of sonic dialogue ranging from distant whispered echoes to gritty growling ruckus.


Eric Hofbauer & Tony Leva

book of fire

 A five-part suite for guitar and bass where the acoustic performance is augmented by the addition of turntables, MPC1000, samplers and the intertwined recordings of literary giant James Baldwin. The result is an intense amalgam of consonance

and texture; tradition and innovation.

Square Eric _ 1535_edited_edited.jpg

Eric Hofbauer

adventurous solo guitar

“His aesthetic evokes old blues, Americana, Tin Pan Alley, bebop, and further frontiers. There’s a rule-breaking spirit but also an impeccable rigor, a foundation of sheer chops and knowledge, that put Hofbauer in the top tier of guitarists.” - David R. Adler


Eric Hofbauer Quintet (EHQ)

prehistoric jazz

"Situating the last century’s classical music and classic jazz in the same modernist continuum.”

- Kevin Whitehead, NPR's Fresh Air


Hofbauer/Rosenthal Quartet (HRq)

swinging at the intersection of bop and freedom

Four imaginative improvisors from Boston’s eclectic jazz scene. There’s a non-hierarchal notion of the ensemble in this project, as they unabashedly swing at the intersection between the clarity and control of bop and the brash freedom of the avant-garde.


Eric Hofbauer & Dylan Jack

remains of echoes duo

 A guitar and drum duo project at once haunted and spurred into action by the memory of musical giants, suggesting a larger story about artistry in the present


Pocket Aces

freely improvised yet consciously compositional

Three renowned voices in Boston’s improvised music scene, extending the jazz trio tradition where each voice balances the others through contrast, surprise and clairvoyant interaction.

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